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I offer different styles of yoga as each style may offer a different perspective or understanding about yourself:

  • Vinyasa Flow - focuses on the fluidity and freedom of movement in yoga. Your breath will guide your practice. 

  • Ashtanga Modified - ashtanga is a more structured practice with set sequence of postures. I deliver a modified version to make it more accessible to all types of body. 

  • Rocket - a stronger practice incorporating arm balances and inversions.

  • Yin - a slow practice where we hold poses for a longer period of time. It challenges the mind and allows you to observe yourself. 

  • Meditation -  short meditations are usually included in yoga practices. I also offer standalone 30-minute guided meditation sessions online for those who would like to focus on developing awareness and mindfulness.

If you’re taking a private session, the practice can be adapted to suit your needs. 


I believe that yoga is not just about physical exercises. It can help develop your physical health, and you will also find that it can help with your mental wellbeing. 


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner, I encourage you to explore your movement and stay curious throughout the practice.


Class Schedule:

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are available in-person or online. Please contact me to discuss bookings:

Vinyasa Flow (Coming Back Soon)

In this class we will cover foundation yoga postures as well as trying out some fun and more challenging postures. There will be breathing exercises and light meditation to complete our practice. Suitable for all levels as options to poses will be given.

Contact for booking.

Recorded Classes

I offer recorded classes that you can use to practice in your own time and place:​

See you on the mat!

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