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Want to talk to someone but not sure where to start? Feeling stuck in life/career? Too much going on in your day-to-day that's making you anxious or stressed?

Transpersonal coaching employs mindfulness techniques to help you see things from different perspectives and discover new approaches that will help you get unstuck and set you free from negative emotions.

Why me?

I have gone through a number of transitions in my life - leaving home at 13 to live in a different country, changing career tracks and industries, losing my marriage, becoming a CEO at the age of 30 to carving out a way of working that truly resonates with me.

During this journey I have experienced loneliness, depression, self doubt, but I also overcame a heap of obstacles and learned a lot about myself. I have met people along the way from whom I've learned how I want to live and be as well as the opposite.

If you are going through a journey of change, facing transitions, struggling with the process...I want to work with you. I know when you overcome this, you can live a life that's meaningful for you and share your gifts with the world.

I am passionate about supporting you to live out your purpose and encouraging you to design your life according to your values.

How to work with me?

I usually start with an initial consultation to discuss your situations. It’s also a chance for you to see if there’s a good fit between us.

Please get in touch to book a free 30 minutes intro call.

Fees: £60 per session (1hr).


Girl by the Lake


"Iris is a wonderful coach and I highly recommend her service. I received coaching sessions by Iris when I was in transitional period in my life where I needed guidance and support in my own awareness of how I see myself in the world and how I can make myself more visible with my true voice.

I particularly enjoyed the meditations we did during our sessions, which gave me a lot of clarity. Iris is a great listener and very in tune with the needs of her coachee. Certainly I will work with Iris again and apply all that I have learned during our sessions. Thank you"

Woman in Field


"The coaching sessions felt very organic. Weaving in stories, practices and actions. I found it easy to share, which became easier still as time went on. The whole process moved with a transpersonal rhythm and sometimes, deeper insights were found a few weeks after the coaching session.

I loved your overall energy. It was calming, open, and non judgmental. You hold space really well and open up doors in a subtle way."

Meditation by the Sea


"I think it was a really nice experience and it was conducted perfectly, I found Iris' attitude calm and non-judgmental which helped me to open more. 

I found useful that It gave me hope and some tools to feel free again."

Meditation by the Sea


"I found your approach very non threatening and you invited me to talk about myself in a way that made me feel that I could trust you. You were quiet and attentive when I talked and reverted with questions that were well thought out. The meditation was calm and well directed. You were very humane in dealing with my feelings and made me feel validated."

Meditation by the Sea


"I enjoyed the relaxing session, it was interesting for me to share my struggles with someone I don’t know, I found the process liberating somehow. Iris listens with empathy, she has calm and relaxing voice."



Covid-19 has brought about big changes around the world. To those who are not directly impacted by the disease, but are feeling the impact nonetheless during these uncertain times - I'm offering my support to you. 

Coping with uncertainty is hard. How we interact with people, how we show and receive care from others have changed dramatically due to social-distancing and lockdown rules. These changes can have an impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

It is okay to feel 'not quite okay'. It's more important to recognize that you're not feeling okay, and give yourself plenty of space and care to find meaning and direction. 

If the above resonates with you, I would love to work with you and support you through it. 

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