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Hi, my name is Iris. I am a certified yoga teacher with experience in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin Yoga. I am also a transpersonal coach who is able to use meditative techniques to guide you through struggles or issues you may be experiencing in life. 

I want to create a practice space where everyone can feel welcomed and accepted for who they are. This space is not limited to a physical location, but can be held virtually as well. During the practice session, each one of us contributes to the creation of a compassionate space. We all have different journeys in life - let’s support each other to grow.


I love connecting and sharing experiences. I hope in our practice sessions, you will discover meaningful moments that stay with you.

You can read more about my yoga journey here.


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Trainings and Qualifications:


  • 200 hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training. Vinyasa Yoga Academy, India

  • 100 hrs Rocket Yoga Teacher Training, The Yoga People, UK

  • 2 days Yin Mindfulness, Chris Su, Singapore

  • 20 hrs Hip-opening & Balance, Windie Chan, Hong Kong

Coaching and Other Healing

  • 1 year Transpersonal Psychology Coaching Certificate, The Alef Trust, UK

  • Mindfulness for Professionals, British Mindfulness Academy, UK

  • Sound Healing Training, Chiang Mai Holistic, Thailand

  • Reiki Healing Level I, Chiang Mai Holistic, Thailand

Other Work Experiences:

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